You’re Not Stuck with the Yard You’ve Got

Whether you own a zero lot line home or a multi acre estate, have HOA restrictions or not, are buying a brand new build or own a hundred year old homestead, you are not stuck with the landscape you presently have.  Landscapers and builders landscape for instant gratification. They over plant on purpose to give you instant curb appeal. Where’s the fun in that? Your landscape/yard should be a place that pleases you, gives you a sense of accomplishment, and is a place of refuge from all the other expectations forced upon you day in and day out.

Most homeowners work themselves to death week in and week out, mowing, weed eating, trimming shrubs, fertilizing, watering, planting flowers and repeating the process until the last thing they want to do is be outside a second longer than they have to.

In fact, there is a way to be able to do basic mowing, weed eating and blowing off walkways and drive in less than two hours in an average yard each week.  

“No way,” you say.

“Way!” I say.

Let’s do away with two to three rows of shrubs in front of the house.  

Charity's front close
The DIY homeowner wanted to freshen their curb appeal.

Plant dwarf varieties of shrubs that won’t grow up past the window sills.  

charity's upclose

Don’t stress over a few weeds in the lawn. Keep the seasonal planting within limits near the entrances, where color will draw your eye to the front door or main entrance.  Let ease and simplicity be our new mantra!

At New Horizons Landscapes, we can help you have a yard you love and want to spent time in.

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