Last Minute Gift Ideas for the DIY Home Gardener

It’s one week till Christmas, and if you have a home gardener or DIYer on your list of people you would like to bless in this season of giving, I would like to offer a few simple suggestions. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy tools or expensive flowers or bushes. A clay pot with several spring or summer bulbs and a hand trowel or bulb planter is a thoughtful gift that will bring joy when spring comes.

Knee pads and a pair of gloves ease the pain of planting or weeding.

A bird house, a feeder with a bag of seed, or a hummingbird feeder are always appreciated by those who love to see wildlife in their gardens.

Packages of seeds and starting trays help to get a head start on flowers, herbs and vegetables for the garden. A watering can for watering potted plants on the porch or patio is always helpful.


DIY gifts you can make yourself are fun to make and fun to give. If you have seeds of a rare or unusual plant that you collect, package a handful and put them in a small zip lock bag and staple it to a card with a picture of the plant with planting instruction on the back. As perennials multiply in your garden, dig up a small clump of your favorite plant or of some that are in need of thinning and share them with a neighbor or friend.

Small 4” pots of herbs can be grown indoors through the winter months and planted in the yard come spring.

As with any gift, it is the thought that counts not the price. Remember, keep it simple.

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