Ten Plus Ways to Improve Your Yard in the Fall

Ten Plus Ways to Improve Your Yard in the Fall By Stephen Shelton “Fall is for Planting” is the old nurseryman’s slogan. It gives new plants time to get adjusted to their new location. Whither you are planting new shrubs and trees or transplanting from one location in the yard to another, water all new... Continue Reading →

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Pollinator Garden Do’s and Don’ts For 2021

First things First - What is a pollinator garden? It is any garden designed, developed and maintained to attract beneficial insects, birds and animals using flowers, herbs. shrubs and trees to create a sustainable environment. They can range in size from a collection of potted plants on a patio or balcony to multi-acre estates.  Pollinator... Continue Reading →

Ten Landscape Do’s and Don’ts for 2021

1. Don’t top your trees.  Period.  It’s a fairly well known fact you should not top crape myrtles, but this also applies to all trees with only a very few exceptions.  Fruit trees for purposes of production and harvesting ease is one example when topping is ok.  Flowering and fruit trees that are being trained... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Fall Gardening

Our “New Normal” is getting old, but it doesn’t seem to look like it’s going to end anytime soon.  May I suggest a creative, educational, family project that might help you pass the time and give you some reward for your efforts. Existing Summer Container Garden Now is a great time to plant a Fall... Continue Reading →

Secret Garden Patio Phases

A NEW PROJECT My newest work in progress at home is a secret garden patio. The site is located behind the house, more precisely behind the master bath, at the back of the house. When we moved in, it was nothing more than a shrub border leading to the side yard, leading to the front... Continue Reading →

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer When it is so hot all you want to do is get in out of the heat, yard work is a four letter word. Noone wants to be outside in triple degree heat if they can help it, but this is the perfect time to grab your favorite cold beverage, and... Continue Reading →

Proper Pruning Techniques

Proper Pruning Techniques A tree is a great thing of beauty that lives for years, decades and in some cases for centuries. It hurts my soul to see one trimmed improperly. It’s hard to believe, but improperly trimming a tree can actually shorten its lifespan, or kill it outright. I’m no arborist, but I am... Continue Reading →

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