My Story

As I begin my retirement, I can now do what I enjoy- empower you to enjoy your yard!

I have many years of experience in landscaping and want to share my knowledge and love of plants to anyone who will stand still long enough to show an interest.

My goal is to help you:

  • Plan out areas for function, beauty, and ease of maintenance
  • Avoid making costly mistakes when buying the wrong plants for you needs
  • Teach you how to properly prune your trees and shrubs.

I have mowed lawns, worked for the Dallas Parks Dept., owned my own retail nursery, and created  landscape redesigns and over-hauls for more than forty years.  Over the years I have developed an echo friendly system of creating compost, harvesting seeds and rainwater, planting perennials and herbs, feeding the birds and providing water for a backyard habitat full of birds, butterflies, dragon flies, bees and helpful wasps, lizards including Texas Horned Lizard, frogs, the occasional bunny and numerous pesky squirrels that drive me crazy.

My training and experience center on helping others be successful.  Whether mentoring individuals, training small groups or speaking to large groups, my goal is always to share information that will help you achieve established goals or develop new ones.

I am always moving plants around like my mother use to move the furniture around in the house.  I like to share seeds, plant divisions and good stories along with recipes for organic or natural treatments for pests and problems.  I hope as you visit and revisit this site you will learn, be amused and feel free to share ideas of what works for you.

Enjoy the Possibilities,

Stephen Shelton



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