I want to help you enjoy your yard.

Here are some ways I can assist you:
  • Walk the site with you to find out what you like/don’t like, want/don’t want in  your landscape.
  • Point out areas where improvement can be made.
  • Help design a plan into phases that will fit your budget.
  • Mark tree branches that need to be removed and teach you how to do so correctly.
  • Outline where flower beds need to be removed or created.
  • Mark plants that need to be removed.
  • Develop a compost system.
  • Make recommendations for specialty gardens, barbecue space, and play area.
  • Identify insects and diseases
  • Encourage low water usage plants and water reclamation (rain barrels).
  • Encourage native or adaptive plants.
  • Teach sprinkler system repairs.
  • Encourage recycling and repurposing.

Call  or text me to set up a one hour consultation-

What you walk away with:
Pictures of your landscape with suggestions on what to remove, add, or change.
Written plan of how to get where you want to be, considering your time, budget, & seasons.
Answers to your landscape questions.
Fee- $100.00 for one hour consultation

Site Visit Plan Example – Click Here








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